Athletic Therapy

What is Athletic Therapy?

Certified Canadian Athletic Therapists are Health Care Professionals that are experts in musculoskeletal injury assessment and treatment. Athletic therapists create and administer rehabilitation programs to help return individuals back to their active daily lives. They use a holistic approach and utilize hands on massage/manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, as well as stretch and exercise prescription. They are also First Responders with quite a bit of experience assessing injuries when they occur during sport and physical activity. Though they do have a vast knowledge dealing with athletes they also focus on the general population from pediatrics to geriatrics, and everything in between.

They love to work with all kinds of individuals from elite athletes, weekend warriors, office workers, industrial workers, First Responders (Fire, Police, Paramedics) and pregnant and postpartum women. They are able to deal with acute or chronic injuries from strains and sprains to joint dysfunctions and even concussions.

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