Physiotherapy is a recognized, evidence-based health profession that plays a key role in the health of individuals and populations across the care continuum.

Physiotherapy has been proven to be effective in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and chronic conditions, the prevention of injury and disability, and in promoting health and well-being. The heart of the physiotherapy profession…is understanding how and why movement and function take place. Physiotherapists¬†are highly skilled and autonomous health professionals who provide safe, quality client-centered physiotherapy through a commitment to service availability, accessibility and excellence.

Conditions we can help:

  • Heart and lung disease related sequelae
  • Musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains, strains and fractures
  • Stroke, brain injury, spinal cord and nerve injury
  • Cancer related sequelae
  • Incontinence and pelvic dysfunction
  • Chronic pain
  • Pre-operative preparation and post-surgery recovery, for example in joint-replacement
  • Chronic conditions including diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis

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