Sarah Rainford

Manual Osteopath, Registered Massage Therapist

Sarah Rainford

Sarah graduated from the National Academy of Osteopathy in 2020.

Sarah is in the unique position of being both a registered massage therapist and manual osteopath. With her background as an RMT she decided to become a manual osteopath to further develop her skills in assessment and myofascial release to encourage realignment. Sarah enjoys working on conditions such as migraines, SI dysfunction, scoliosis and sciatic nerve pain.

She uses mobility testing, intersegment vertebral analysis and static joint play to form an osteopathic diagnosis then formulate a treatment plan.

By identifying which structure is causing pain Sarah works to improve the function and mobility of the injured structure. She expertly applies techniques such as trigger point therapy, gentle manipulations, lymphatic draining as well as muscle energy techniques.

When Sarah is not in the clinic, she enjoys golfing and spending time with her family.